Staff list



Mr Frank Hagemann


Ms Yukiko Arai

Deputy Director

Forestry, Agriculture, Construction and Tourism Unit (FACT)

Ms Mariangels Fortuny

Head of Unit; Decent work in the rural economy Coordinator

Mr El’vis Beytullayev

Specialist: Rural economy and related sectors, agriculture, plantations, tobacco

Ms Elisenda Estruch

Specialist: Rural economy and related sectors, construction

Mr Waltteri Katajamaki

Technical Officer: Rural economy and related sectors, forestry

Ms Lucie Servoz

Technical officer: Hotels, catering, tourism

Ms Luca Szucs

Junior Technical Officer: Tourism

Ms Ivón Garcia

Administrative Support

Extractives, Energy and Manufacturing Unit (E²M)

Mr Casper Edmonds

Head of Unit; Business and human rights Coordinator

Ms Maria Beatriz Mello da Cunha

Specialist: Textiles, clothing, leather, footwear

Mr Yasuhiko Kamakura

Specialist: Chemical industries, basic metals and transport equipment manufacturing

Ms Camila Pereira Rego Meireles

Technical Officer: Mining, extractives, energy and manufacturing

Mr Diederik Bos

Junior Professional Officer: Decent work in global supply chains

Ms Ivón Garcia

Administrative Support

Private and Public Services Sectors Unit (SERVICES)

Mr Oliver Liang

Head of Unit; Senior specialist: Education, media, culture, sports

Mr Carlos Carrion-Crespo

Specialist: Public services, utilities, telecommunications

Ms Margherita Licata

Specialist: Commerce, culture, financial, graphical, and postal services

Mr Houtan Homayounpour

Senior Technical Specialist: Education Coordinator, Secretariat on the High-Level Panel for Teaching

Ms Maren Hopfe

Technical Officer: Health services

Mr Eduard Serra

Administrative Support, a.i.

Transport and Maritime Sectors Unit (MARITIME)

Mr Brandt Wagner

Head of Unit; Senior Specialist: Transport and Maritime Sectors

Ms Christine Bader

Specialist: Shipping, fisheries, inland waterways

Ms Alejandra Cruz Ross

Specialist: Transport

Mr Youngho Park

Specialist: Transport and Maritime

Mr Eduard Serra

Administrative Support, a.i.

Department management support & meetings

Ms Rhona O’Halloran

Department Secretary, a.i.

Ms Shona Davidson

Funds Control Officer (FCO)

Ms May Mi Than Tun

Meetings and Knowledge Management Officer

Ms Simone da Encarnação Palma

Conference Relations Assistant


Updated: 15 January 2024