Sectoral Data: Short-Term Indicators

Timely information on the labour market is indispensable for drawing up appropriate policy responses. Each month the ILO collects and disseminates the latest national data for indicators which have been selected for their ability to reflect recent and short term changes.

The short term indicators of the labour market database contains information at sectoral level on employment and hours of work for more than 60 countries. Quarterly data are presented according to each country's national statistical classification system by specific economic sectors. Where available, data are presented disaggregated by sex. Data for countries are organised according to regional groupings.

This link brings you to the main ILO statistical site. Select the link for the Short Term Indicators of the Labour Market; expand the list titled, Statistics: Main Tables, then select Employment and hours of work, by economic activity (main categories). The file will download to your computer in Excel format.

Laborsta Short Term Indicators of the Labour Market Database

Abandonment of seafarers

This database contains a regularly updated list of vessels that have been reported to the ILO as abandoned in various ports of the world by appropriate organizations. It specifically includes information on seafarers, who have been abandoned and their current status

Database on reported incidents of abandonment of seafarers