Sectoral country profiles

Sectoral Country Profiles provide a succinct snapshot of the multidimensional and sectoral nature of decent work at the country-specific level by highlighting key indicators that describe the sector’s significance in the country’s labour market, as well as their overall contribution to economic growth and job creation. They are factual-oriented tools aimed at providing timely and relevant sector-specific information for a country’s three most relevant economic sectors. The three featured sectors in each country have been identified and selected according to their share in national employment.

Sectoral country profiles go deeper into the understanding of the labour market structure of the three main sectors by providing time series data on total or paid employment, hours of work and wages. Similarly, each profile contains information on sectors’ value added to GDP, the structure and size of establishments, data on production, output and revenues, shares and levels of foreign direct investment, and trade patterns, among other macro-economic supportive variables.

In addition to the description of each country’s three featured sectors, the sectoral profiles provide data depicting national trends in employment and value added to GDP for all economic activities. This time-series information, available since 2000 for each country, can be a useful tool for identifying important employment generating industries and those sectors with greater potential for future growth.

Sectoral Country Profiles are available for developed, developing and other emerging economies from different global regions.