Resource Partners and Funding

In 2022 the ILO received more than US$ 381 million in voluntary funding from funding partners. In the 2020-2021 biennium as well as in 2022, voluntary funding accounted for approximately 50 per cent of the ILO's total resources.

Where possible, partners are encouraged to provide flexible, un-earmarked and predictable core funding through the Regular Budget Supplementary Account (RBSA). The ILO has also strengthened its capacity to manage for development results and to deliver value for money. Monitoring and evaluation inform the programming process and enhance country and constituent ownership. Detailed information about ILO's entire development cooperation portfolio is available in the Development Cooperation Dashboard.

Partnership updates

  1. Netherlands – ILO Partnership

    ILO and the Government of the Netherlands sign a new Partnership to support RBSA

  1. Republic of Korea and the ILO partnership

    ILO and MOEL to promote the Global Accelerator and BETTER WORK

  2. New EU-ILO partnership

    New EU-funded partnership to reform social protection in Iraq

  3. France-ILO partnership

    France-ILO Cooperation Factsheet (FR)

  4. Humanitarian-development nexus

    ILO and the Cash Consortium for Iraq sign MoU to improve economic opportunities for vulnerable populations

  5. EU-UNESCO-ILO Partnership

    Jobs, and cultural heritage the focus of new ILO-EU-UNESCO collaboration in Iraq

  6. Norway - ILO Partnership

    ILO and the Government of Norway sign a new partnership agreement on skills development and lifelong learning for the Future of Work

  7. Ferrero-ILO partnership

    Ferrero - ILO partnership aims to eliminate child labour in hazelnut harvesting in Türkiye

  8. Norway - ILO partnership

    Norway and the ILO partner to improve working conditions in Malawi's tobacco sector 

  9. Austria - ILO partnership

    Austrian Development Agency partners with the ILO to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the garment sector in Ethiopia

    With a contribution of more than US$ 2.1 million, the Austrian Development Agency supports the achievement of the Decent Work objectives of the One ILO Ethiopia programme. 

  10. Republic of Korea - ILO partnership

    ILO and KOICA to Promote Sustainable Enterprises in India

    A bilateral project launched to generate more and better quality jobs for youth by strengthening sectoral supply chains and integrating Indian MSMEs in the global market.

  11. EU-ILO partnership

    A New Era Starts in Combating Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture in Türkiye

    Representing Türkiye’s largest ever initiative in combating child labour, the 40-month project funded by a contribution of over US$ 35 million from the European Union will implement activities for the children of seasonal agricultural workers, who are already working or at risk of working in agriculture.

  12. IOM-ILO Partnership

    ILO and IOM sign agreement to strengthen collaboration on migration governance

    To strengthen their work on migration and enable them to provide more policy and practical support to their members, the ILO and the IOM have signed an agreement on migration governance.

  13. EU-ILO partnership

    ILO and European Commission reaffirm mutual partnership at 15th High Level meeting

    Participants discussed recent policy developments and their response to the challenges related to transformative changes in the world of work as well as the COVID-19 pandemic.The conclusions of the meeting are also available here.

  14. © ILO Better Work

    Germany-ILO partnership

    ILO and Germany launch programme to protect garment sector workers affected by COVID-19

    The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is working with the ILO to help garment sector workers in seven countries who have been affected by COVID-19

  15. ILO and RDPP launch a partnership to combat worst forms of child labour in Iraq

    The new partnership aims to tackle the worst forms of child labour amongst internally displaced persons, Syrian refugees and vulnerable host community members in Iraq.

  16. © AICS

    Italy-ILO Partnership

    Italy and ILO sign new agreement to support employment and livelihood opportunities in Jordan

    The ILO will receive a US$ 1 million contribution from the Government of Italy to further its work promoting and employment and livelihood opportunities in Jordan