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  1. World Day Against Child Labour

    World Day Against Child Labour - 12 June

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the first World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 as a way to highlight the plight of working children. Observed on June 12th, the day is intended to serve as a catalyst for the growing worldwide movement against child labour.

    World Day Campaigns 2002-2021.

  2. Alliance 8.7

    For a world without forced labour, modern slavery, human trafficking and child labour.

  3. Regional Initiative Latin America and the Caribbean Free of Child Labour

    The mission of the Regional Initiative is to declare Latin America and the Caribbean the first developing Region in the world to be free of child labor by 2025.

  4. "Music against Child Labour" Initiative

    The ILO's International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), in partnership with an array of renowned conductors, musicians, musicians’ organisations and music education bodies, launches its “Music against Child Labour” Initiative in June 2013.

  5. Child Labour Platform

    The leading business initiative to eradicate child labour in supply chains.

  6. SCREAM: Supporting Children's Rights through Education, the Arts and the Media

    SCREAM is an education and social mobilization initiative, to help educators worldwide promote understanding and awareness of child labour among young people

  7. Red Card to Child Labour

    In several sporting disciplines, but especially in football, the red card sanctions faults which are liable to exclusion from the field. In 2002, the ILO and IPEC decided to use the symbol of the red card to raise awareness in preventing, challenging and eliminating child labour.