Other events

July 2009

  1. Regional Workshop for Anglophone Africa: Strengthening Labour Market Information to Monitor Progress on Decent Work in Africa, 20-24 July 2009

March 2009

  1. Tripartite Technical Workshop on the Impact of the Food Price Crisis on Decent Work

February 2009

  1. Global Dialogue Forum on the Impact of the Financial Crisis on Finance Sector Workers

December 2008

  1. ILO Side Event at the United Nations Climate Change Conference

    Co-hosted together with ITU, UNEP, ITUC and IOE, this event focuses on how ICT can help to shift from a high to a low carbon global economy and on the Green Jobs Initiative: towards decent work in a sustainable, low-carbon World. The event was chaired by Peter Poschen, ILO.

September 2008

  1. High-Level Forum on "Working Out of Poverty: A Decent Work Approach to Development and the MDGs"

  2. High-Level Forum on “Decent Work: A Key to Social Justice for a Fair Globalization”

    The High-Level Forum “Decent Work: A Key to Social Justice for a Fair Globalization” held in Oslo on 5 September 2008 was the first public international discussion of the ILO Declaration on “Social Justice for a Fair Globalization” (June 2008), and gave rise to new ideas for policy coherence and global governance. The meeting was organized by the Government of Norway and the Financial Times.

  3. High-Level Forum on "Working Out of Poverty: A Decent Work Approach to Development and Growth in Africa"

August 2007

  1. ILO Forum on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization

    The ILO Forum on Decent Work for a Fair Globalization focused on the analysis and promotion of the Decent Work concept and the Decent Work Agenda as the key for economic, social and environmental sustainability and as a contribution to the shaping of a fair and inclusive globalization. The Forum was hosted by the Government of Portugal, the country currently holding the Presidency of the European Union. It was also supported by the European Commission.

April 2007

  1. High-Level Tripartite Meeting on the Nexus of Growth, Investment and Decent Work for South Asian Subregion

    The meeting tapped the knowledge of the ILO constituents, other multilateral institutions including the IFIs, the donor community and researchers by focusing on the policy mix, policy coherence and policy sequencing at national and subregional levels to strengthen growth, investment and employment linkages and to formulate a strategy for achieving employment-rich growth for countries in the South Asian subregion.

February 2007

  1. Decent Work, Poverty Reduction and PRSPs - Thematic Review and Cross-country Experiences

    The Staff Seminar brought together some 50 participants from the field and headquarters to exchange views and experiences on integrated approaches to decent work, poverty reduction and PRSPs at the country level.

  2. ILO Reflection No. 4 on Regional Integration

    In this fourth gathering on regional integration, Mr. Daniel Martínez presented his recently published ILO Working Paper entitled "The World of Work in the Context of Economic Integration and Trade Liberalization: From the vantage point of the Americas".

  3. Decent Work and a Fair Globalization: National Policy Responses

    This staff seminar brought together 50 participants from HQ and the field in order to share information, knowledge and country experiences, as well as to brainstorm around how to operationalise the decent work strategy for a fair globalization.

  4. Global Goals and National Challanges: MDGs, PRSPs and Decent Work - Where are we? What next?

    The seminar's objective was to share new information, knowledge and to exchange experience on Global Goals and National Challenges: MDGs, PRSPs and Decent Work, as well as to brainstorm on the next steps. The website contains relevant resource materials.

  5. ILO-ASEAN Joint Study - Regional Coordination Meeting

    This meeting assembled the country project researchers along with ASEAN and ILO officials to share initial results and to discuss methodological and conceptual issues.

  6. Workshop on "Measuring Decent Work with Statistical Indicators"

    The Workshop was organised jointly with the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine and was attended by more than 40 participants representing the Ministries of Labour and Economy, the Parliament, Administration of the President, workers' and employers' organizations

  7. Workshop on the follow-up to the ILC Conclusions on decent work and the informal economy

    The purpose of the staff workshop was to develop a coherent framework for pursuing work in the follow-up to the Conclusions on decent work and the informal economy, adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2002. This served as the basis for integrated technical cooperation proposals.

  8. Conference on Decent Work Issues and Policies

    ILO Conference to take stock of the Decent Work concept/approach/strategy

  9. ILO Workshop on Decent Work and Poverty Reduction

    Provide an opportunity for ILO staff to reflect on ILO strategy to poverty reduction, using a decent work framework, and relating it to the broader international setting of MDGs and PRSPs.

  10. Promoting policy integration at the national level: Country strategies on decent work

    This staff seminar brought together participants from field and Headquarters to exchange views and experience on integrated appraoches for promoting decent work at the country level.

  11. Presentation of databases on trade by International Trade Centre of UNCTAD and WTO

    A presentation of databases on trade, country competitiveness and market access developed by the International Trade Centre of UNCTAD and WTO took place at ILO Headquarters on 21 October 2005. The ITC representative shared lessons learned in setting up these data portals and associated products; these provide much food for thought for the ILO.