Other events

November 2013

  1. Final conference on the ILO-EU project "Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work"

    Final conference on the ILO-EU project "Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work (MAP)", funded by the European Commission. The conference will focus on the main results of the project and validate the methodology developed in the project countries in the light of the post-2015 development agenda.

May 2012

  1. National Conference: Towards a new growth strategy for employment, decent work and development in Zambia

January 2011

  1. Inter-agency Technical Meeting: Building employment and decent work into sustainable recovery and development – The UN contribution

December 2010

  1. RIO+20: The Transition to a Green Economy: Implications for poverty alleviation and sustainable development

  2. UN-System side event on Adaptation

  3. The United Nations system is delivering as ONE on implementation to address climate change

  4. Inclusion of social dimensions in climate change policies and programmes: social criteria for impact assessments of mitigation and adaptation actions

  5. Improving resilience to protect human health and welfare from the adverse affects of climate change

  6. The ILO Green Jobs Programme: Work of ILO on environment, climate change, green economy and sustainable development

November 2010

  1. Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work in Latin America and the Caribbean , 15- 16 April, 2010

June 2010

  1. Regional Workshop on Monitoring and Assessing Progress on Decent Work in Asia, 28-30 June, 2010

December 2009

  1. Advancing work on adaptation to climate change: A United Nations system perspective.

    In order to advancing work on adaptation to climate change the UN system is bringing together its diverse capacities into a coherent approach to assist countries in adapting to the impacts of climate change, while tackling poverty and achieving sustainable growth. This event will showcase good practices and resources developed by the UN system in key areas of adaptation such as integrated land and water management, disaster risk reduction, food security and data collection and analysis within the broader framework of development planning, knowledge sharing and partnership building

  2. The United Nations System Delivering as One on Climate Change

    Being part of the United Nations System Delivering as One on Climate Change ILO is inviting to debate the role of the UN system in providing coherent and consistent support to the efforts of Member States at national, regional and global levels, in addressing climate change through action on adaptation, capacity building, technology transfer, REDD and other areas. The ILO will be represented by the Regional Director Sachiko Yamamoto who will describe the work of the ILO in addressing the labour and decent work dimension of climate change

  3. Green economy: Implementing a New Climate Deal

    As the international community faces a combination of grave financial, economic and environmental threats, one response to which many of the world’s economic policy makers are looking is the “Green Economy”. Mr. Achim STEINER (UN Under-Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director) and high level officials will discuss the linkages between the green economy approach and major issues of the climate discussions such as technology transfer, the mitigation policies, measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission from deforestation and climate finance

  4. The ILO in Copenhagen: Climate change @ work

    The ILO actively participates in the UNFCCC process and the climate negotiations in Copenhagen. Taking part in the climate UNFCCC negotiations the ILO aims to support coherent policies which buffer the negative impacts of climate change on the labour market and creating opportunities for decent and green jobs and which sustain governments, employers and workers in the transition to adapt and to prevent dangerous climate change.

  5. Economic recovery and Green Jobs: win-win for development, climate and labour?

    In order to discuss whether a green recovery from the financial crisis and green jobs are a win-win for development climate and labour Guy Ryder (General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)), Pavan Sukhdev (Project Leader for UNEP's “Green Economy” initiative) and high level officials are inviting to the debate

  6. Addressing social consequences of climate change: impacts on development, employment, health and gender.

    The event will highlight the multidimensional nature of climate change, far beyond the environmental impacts. Climate change impacts have shown to hit the most vulnerable, specially developing world’s poor the hardest, because they are more likely to be dependent on the very resources impacted and because they have far lesser capacity to protect and adapt themselves. In fact, these impacts threaten to undo the hard fought achievements made towards the MDGs now and in the future. Despite this, climate change presents opportunities to achieve a more climate-resilient development future. On the other hand, policies and measures needed to address these impacts and to reduce the amount of emissions will profoundly affect in different directions the life of people of countries around the world.

October 2009

  1. Town Hall Meeting on Greening the ILO

  2. ILO Summit on the Global Jobs Crisis - 15-17 June 2009

    Heads of State and Government, Vice-presidents, labour ministers and leaders from employers’ and workers’ organizations met in Geneva from June 15-17 for a Global Jobs Crisis Summit organized by the ILO. The ILO summit provided a first-of-its-kind opportunity to discuss policies that are being implemented at the national and international level to address the global jobs crisis. The three-day ILO summit, which was part of ILO’s International Labour Conference, included four high-level panels on the following topics: global and regional coordination, development cooperation, managing the national jobs agenda and rights at work, social dialogue and enterprise survival.

August 2009

  1. The Green Jobs Training Site

    What transitions are we witnessing and what changes do we need to anticipate? How can decent work and green work match? How will the new social agenda look like, in the aftermath of the international climate change discussions? How can green jobs contribute to the way out of the economic downturn? The training is targeted at a wide range of social actors interested in the linkages between environment, climate change and the world of work.