National Conference: Towards a new growth strategy for employment, decent work and development in Zambia

The ILO and the International Monetary Fund are organizing a two-day national consultative Conference on promoting job-rich growth in Zambia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and National Planning and the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and Labour.

Titled “Towards a new growth strategy for employment, decent work and development in Zambia”, the high level Conference will be held on May 21-21, 2012 at the New Government Complex in Lusaka. The Conference will bring together participants representing Zambian social partners, key Government line Ministries, the private sector, civil society, academia, and other stakeholders to discuss policy options necessary to stimulate job rich growth in the Zambian economy. The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) as well as the International Organization for Employers (IOE) will also participate.

The consultation in Zambia is part of a three-country project which includes Bulgaria and the Dominican Republic. The project aims at enhancing tripartite social dialogue, and recognizes the crucial role such exchanges can play in building consensus on economic policies. To this end, the participating institutions will present their respective analyses of policies, which could help generate more and better employment opportunities.