Publications on tripartism and social dialogue

  1. Publication

    Unions in a changing world: Problems and prospects in selected industrialized countries

    03 September 1997

    Comprises a comparative analysis of current problems facing trade unions in adjusting to economic, technological, labour market, legislative and attitudinal changes. Based on responses of 11 trade union confederations to a questionnaire and on monographs received from the confederations.

  2. Publication

    Workers’ financial participation. East-West experiences (LMR 80)

    06 July 1995

    Focuses on pay schemes which provide, in addition to fixed pay, a variable portion of remuneration linked to some measure of enterprise performance. Discusses advantages and disadvantages of different schemes, the economic, institutional and organizational contexts which encourage their development, and the characteristics of schemes that make them more or less favourable to workers. Countries are treated separately.

  3. Publication

    A guide to the teaching of collective bargaining. An instructional aid for worker students

    22 April 1991