Publications on Least developed countries

  1. Managing Maintenance of Rural Roads in India

    19 October 2014

    This document has been prepared as part of the technical assistance provided by the International Labour Organization to the Prime Minister’s Rural Road Programme (PMGSY). This technical collaboration with the National Rural Roads Development Agency is funded through the financing provided by the World Bank to the Rural Roads Project.

  2. BRICS and the ILO: An overview

    16 October 2014

    During the past few years, development cooperation between both governments and private industry from the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russian Federation, India, China, South Africa) and the ILO has been very active. In 2009, Brazil signed an overarching framework agreement on Technical Cooperation with Latin American and African countries for the implementation of the ILO-Brazil Partnership Programme for the Promotion of South-South Cooperation.

  3. Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: A contribution to the post-2015 development debate

    10 September 2014

    This paper highlights the contribution of cooperatives to sustainable development with a view to stimulating discussion on the role of cooperatives in the design and implementation of SDGs.

  4. Cooperatives and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Contribution to the Post-2015 Development Debate. A policy brief

    08 April 2014

    This brief summarizes the main findings of a forthcoming report of the same title, by Frederick O. Wanyama of Maseno University in Kenya, prepared as part of ILO’s contribution to the initiative on the contribution of cooperatives to sustainable development.

  5. "Is Small Still Beautiful?"

    16 April 2013

    Literature Review of Recent Empirical Evidence on the Contribution of SMEs to Employment Creation

  6. Understanding deficits of productive employment and setting targets: a methodological guide

    04 April 2012

    Employment targeting guide

  7. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM). Seventh edition

    14 October 2011

    This valuable wide-ranging reference tool meets the ever-increasing demand for timely, accurate and accessible information on the rapidly changing world of work. The Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) offers the general user with instant and uncomplicated access to data and analysis on the world's labour markets.