Memorandum of Agreement

Additional protocol to the Agreement between the Republic of India and the State of Qatar on the regulation of the employment of Indian Manpower

Agreement | 11 April 1985
Date Signed: 11-04-1985

(1) Strengthen the existing understanding and cooperation between the two countries in order to organize the entry of Indian manpower in the State of Qatar

Renewal History:
(1) To be renewed automatically unless terminated offcially by either party
(2) Additional protocol signed on 20.11.2007 defining new provisions on information
exchange compulsory repatriation

Follow up mechanism:
(1) To form a Joint Committee
(2) To meet every two years at a place mutually agreed
( Additional protocol signed on 20.11.2007 revised the clause to read as the meetings to be held twice a year alternately in each State)

Coverage of migration cycle:
(1) Pre-Departure
(2) In Service