Mexico: Green jobs assessment

A national green jobs assessment conducted with the technical assistance of the ILO informs policy makers and social partners about the potential to create green jobs.

In Mexico, a national assessment on the potential for green jobs creation (2011-2012) was conducted to provide relevant information for future national development strategies. Following an ILO methodology, the assessment has so far identified 1.8 million jobs related to the environment, representing about 5% of the working population in 2011. It has already triggered a green jobs policy dialogue nationally, notably with the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and social partners for shaping and implementing policies and programmes supporting the creation of green jobs. The study was presented at Mexico’s first national forum on green jobs.

The Decent Work in the Green Economy (2013-2014)  further builds on the outcomes of the first national assessment and complements it with sectoral research. The shoe and leather production value chain in the state of Guanajuato has been the focus of the first sectoral study, which specifically explores the effect of greening the sector on green jobs creation. In the context of the above mentioned project, a national 3-day workshop on green jobs promotion was organized in July 2014. 

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