Pakistan: Green livelihoods of rural populations for climate resilience

The ILO is promoting livelihood restoration, protection and the sustainable empowerment of vulnerable peasant communities in the Sindh Province.

In Pakistan, the ILO is implementing a UN Joint Program Livelihood restoration, protection and sustainable empowerment of vulnerable peasant communities in Sindh province in collaboration with FAO and UN Women. 

The programme aims to restore and protect the livelihoods of the vulnerable rural population in the province by improving their on-farm productive capacities and off-farm income generating opportunities to increase their climate and disaster resilience. Activities notably focus on promoting good agriculture practices, post-harvest management, on-farm water management and vocational skills development for green entrepreneurship.

This project was designed in response to the July 2010 monsoon rains which flooded a significant part of Pakistan with the Sindh Province being hardest hit.