News and events on the future of work

  1. Juncker: Social dialogue should return to centre of economic development

    09 June 2016

    Addressing the International Labour Conference the President of the European Commission has called on the ILO to partner with the EU to support economic integration and social progress around the globe.

  2. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's message to the 2016 World of Work Summit

    09 June 2016

    A message from the Secretary-General of the United Nations to delegates at the 2016 World of Work Summit. The theme of this year's summit was "Decent Jobs for Youth".

  3. World of work summit 2016: Decent Jobs for Youth

    Framed within the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, this year’s International Labour Conference will hold a World of Work Summit on 9 June to inform on the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth and the ILO’s role with a view to scaling up action and impact, and shaping the future of work for youth.

  4. ILO World of Work Summit and visit of European Commission President Juncker

    06 June 2016

  5. The future of work: trends, threats and opportunities

    02 June 2016

    The world of work is in the throes of rapid transformation. New technologies and shifting demographics are just a few of the forces driving this change. Martin Murphy explores these trends with the ILO's Lawrence J. Johnson and Nicolas Niemtchinow, as we seek to understand how to guarantee decent work for generations to come.

  6. Key to digital society of the future are qualified employees, new forms of employment, says Swiss President

    30 May 2016

    Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann says the key to a sustainable digital economy is more qualified employees, innovative training programs and new forms of employment. Speaking to delegates at the 105th session of the International Labour Conference in Geneva, Mr. Schneider-Ammann urged delegates not to fear change, but prepare for the future world of work and actively contribute to economic growth that creates jobs. (In German and French with subtitles in English)

  7. ILO head calls on global community “to bring about the future of work that we all want”

    30 May 2016

    Guy Ryder, Director-General of the ILO, has told delegates to the 105th International Labour Conference that the world of work is key to meeting the many challenges humanity faces.

  8. Switzerland calls on the ILO to meet challenges relating to the future of work

    30 May 2016

    The guest of honour at the opening day of the 105th International Labour Conference, Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann advocates a strong ILO, ready to respond to rapid change in the world of work.

  9. Youth in India and their aspirations for the Future of Work

    10 May 2016

    This film was shot on location in 6 different parts of India in Mizoram, Kerala, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi, during April-May 2016 in about 3 weeks. The purpose of the film is to capture a diverse set of views of youth on the future of work and what this means in their lives in terms of challenges, opportunities and areas to be tackled by policymakers and other stakeholders.

  10. Sustainable Development and the Future of Work in the context of the Jubilee of Mercy: Statement of Commitment and Action

    05 May 2016

    Joint statement of Catholic organisations, movements of trade unions and of cooperatives, associations of business leaders, issued at a Global Seminar on “Sustainable Development and the Future of Work in the context of the Jubilee of Mercy” held in Rome from 2 to 5 May 2016.