Workshop on research and statistics on trafficking in human beings

This workshop was organised jointly by OSCE and the ILO, in the framework of the EC/TACIS programme which covers Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. It tackles the current collection of data and further needs on trafficking in human beings in Georgia.

The new National Action Plan on the Fight against Trafficking in Persons, adopted by Decree No 23 of the President of Georgia calls for more research on the scope and nature of trafficking in human beings. In particular, it suggests carrying out research on the profiles of victims to better understand vulnerability factors as well the causes and scale of child trafficking. During an ILO programming mission in March 2007, the issue of trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation, usually occurring in the context of irregular migration, was also discussed and national stakeholders were suggesting more research into the subject.
The purpose of the workshop is to take stock of past research studies and ongoing collection of data on trafficking in human beings in Georgia. Furthermore, it aims to bring together national stakeholders and international experts to discuss the need for more targeted research in accordance with the National Action Plan. It will also familiarize participants with the ILO methodology used for the collection of quantitative data on trafficking for forced labour as well as OSCE’s research project on qualitative aspects of human trafficking in Georgia. Participants will be asked to assess the methodologies in light of the specific situation in Georgia.