FAIR Programme - Phase II

Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment (FAIR) Phase II

This global project seeks to contribute to the promotion of fair recruitment practices globally and across specific migration corridors in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. Target countries include Hong Kong SAR, Jordan, Nepal, the Philippines, Tunisia and Qatar.

The Integrated Programme on Fair Recruitment was established in 2015 as a joint operation by the ILO’s Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Branch (FUNDAMENTALS) and the Labour Migration Branch (MIGRANT). The long-term goal of the project is the reduction in deceptive and coercive practices during the recruitment process and violations of fundamental principles and rights at work, as well as other human and labour rights, brought about through increased safe migration options, effective regulation of public and private employment agencies, and unscrupulous actors being held accountable for violations.


The Phase II of the FAIR Programme is a continuation of Phase I, the objectives remain in place with an intensified focus on the expansion of fair recruitment practices in existing corridors as well the improvement of access to justice. All three outcomes are presented below and are designed to be interlinking and mutually reinforcing, representing a comprehensive response to the challenges posed to enabling fair recruitment. More


The project will work both with national stakeholders in the target countries as well as international partners. The main international collaborating partners’ of the project include the ITUC and affiliates and the International Organization for Employers (IOE) and affiliates. Further, the project will be working with governments, trade unions, employers’ organisations and NGOs in target countries. This project is supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

Countries covered