Publications on Equality and discrimination

March 2006

  1. Publication

    The employment relationship. Report 95 V (2A)

    08 March 2006

    Compiles the replies of governments and of employers' and workers' organizations to a questionnaire on the employment relationship. Includes the ILO's evaluation in view of a proposed Recommendation.

January 2006

  1. Publication

    Factsheets: A workplace policy and programme on HIV/AIDS

    01 January 2006

    Complete set of factsheets on: A workplace policy and programme on HIV/AIDS: - How to get started - How to tackle stigma and discrimination - How to provide a prevention programme - How to provide care, support and treatment - How to tackle gender inequality - The legal and policy framework

November 2005

  1. Publication

    AIDS increasing costs to companies in India - the ILO Study

    01 November 2005

October 2005

  1. Publication

    Leadership training manual for women leaders of cooperatives

    05 October 2005

September 2005

  1. Publication

    Indigenous and tribal peoples. An ethnic audit of selected poverty reduction strategy papers

    20 September 2005

    Focuses, for selected countries around the world, on issues of inter-linkages between ethnicity, discrimination, poverty and development. Includes the text of ILO Convention on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, 1989 (no. 169).

July 2005

  1. Publication

    Unlocking Potential: A Multinational Corporation Roundtable on Disability and Employment, Asia and the Pacific, Proceedings of the Meeting

    06 July 2005

January 2005

  1. Publication

    Bonded labour in Bolivia

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) Este estudio presenta los resultados de una investigación en Bolivia, encargada por un antropólogo y un científico social, sobre el trabajo forzoso en la zafra de azúcar en Santa Cruz, la castaña en el norte amazónico boliviano y las comunidades cautivas del Chaco.

  2. Publication

    Bonded labour in Paraguay

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) A través del presente informe, la OIT pretende dar respuesta a la petición del Gobierno de Paraguay de establecer de manera objetiva los hechos relativos al trabajo forzoso y la discriminación que sufren los indígenas en el Chaco paraguayo. Este tipo de trabajo forzoso, es a menudo una manifestación de un patrón más amplio de discriminación hacia los indígenas. Es importante señalar, que el trabajo forzoso existe en una minoría de las haciendas del Chaco.

  3. Publication

    Forced Labour In Peru

    03 January 2005

    (Only available in Spanish) Este estudio presenta los resultados de una investigación, encargada por un antropólogo y un científico social, sobre la existencia del trabajo forzoso en Perú.

  4. Publication

    Using the ILO Code of Practice on HIV/AIDS and the world of work - Guidelines for the transport sector

    01 January 2005

    These guidelines use the code of practice on HIV/AIDS, and its accompanying training manual. The present guidelines for the transport sector look first (in Section I) at some of the specific problems facing transport – the emphasis is on road transport but consideration is also given to other transport industries. They then present an overview of initiatives that have been taken, first at the legal and policy level then at the workplace, to address the occupational and behavioural risks associated with transport. Section II incorporates examples of action and guidance based on lessons learnt. The final section takes the reader through the code of practice and training manual, and shows where transport sector operators and authorities can find relevant provisions, explanations and advice to help them develop and implement HIV/AIDS programmes.