List of Impact Insurance Briefing Notes

This page gives an overview of all Briefing Notes released by the ILO's Impact Insurance Facility since 2008.

Impact Insurance Briefing Notes

Issue Date Title
43 October 2018 Make change happen: Getting insurance providers ready to better serve low-income households
42 August 2018 Providing insurance responsibly
41 July 2018 Financial inclusion and health: How the financial services industry is responding to health risks
40 November 2016 Insurance and economic development: Growth, stabilization and distribution
39 September 2016 Helping farmers understand index insurance: Guidelines for consumer education interventions
38 August 2016 Advancing financial inclusion through access to insurance: the role of postal networks
37 April 2016 Insurance for small businesses
36 July 2015 Learning from others’ mistakes
35 July 2015 Is health microinsurance sustainable? An analysis of five South Asian schemes
34 June 2015 Two steps back: how low-income Kenyans think about and experience risk in their pursuit of prosperity
33 June 2015 Making public–private partnerships work in insurance
32 March 2015 The value of claims analysis in health microinsurance: Learning from three South Asian cases
31 February 2015 Achieving scale and efficiency in microinsurance through retail and banking correspondents
30 October 2014 Microreinsurance applications: Filling supply and demand gaps
29 October 2014 Making health microinsurance work: ten recommendations for practitioners
28 October 2014 Microinsurance distribution: Insights for insurers
27 October 2014 Breaking the ICE: the role of insurance associations in insurance consumer education
26 May 2014 Business case for microinsurance part II: Follow-up study on the profitability of microinsurance
25 April 2014 Scale: Thinking Big
24 March 2014 The moment of truth: Claims management in microinsurance
23 February 2014 Removing obstacles to access microinsurance
22 February 2014 Using subsidies for inclusive insurance: lessons from agriculture and health
21 February 2014 Mobile phones and microinsurance
20 September 2013 Leveraging health microinsurance to promote universal health coverage
19 August 2013 Beyond slogans: Good practices in promoting microinsurance products
18 June 2013 Audio-visual mass media campaigns for insurance education: Stages and lessons
17 May 2013 Why people do not buy microinsurance and what can we do about it
16 February 2013 Value-added services in health microinsurance
15 January 2013 Pathways towards greater impact: Better microinsurance models, products and processes for MFIs
14 December 2012 Selling more, selling better: A microinsurance sales force development study
13 April 2012 Managing microinsurance partnerships
12 January 2012 Savings in microinsurance: Lessons from India
11 October 2011 Third-party payment mechanisms in health microinsurance: Practical tips and solutions
10 September 2011 Improving client value from microinsurance: Insights from India, Kenya and the Philippines
9 July 2011 A business case for microinsurance
8 March 2011 Improving credit life microinsurance
7 March 2011 Beyond sales: new frontiers in microinsurance distribution
6 January 2011 Formalizing the informal insurance inherent in migration
5 October 2010 Innovations and barriers in health microinsurance
4 September 2010 The psychology of microinsurance: Small changes can make a surprising difference
3 September 2010 Emerging practices in consumer education on risk management and insurance
2 October 2009 Microinsurance that works for women: Making microinsurance programs gender-sensitive
1 October 2009 The landscape of microinsurance in Africa