Pula Advisors: Growing agricultural insurance uptake in West Africa

The ILO collaborates with Pula Advisors in French-speaking West Africa to support Pula’s work in growing the use of agriculture insurance.

The aim of this pilot is to support Pula’s work in growing the use of agriculture insurance in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in French-speaking West Africa. Insurance penetration across Sub-Saharan Africa is below 3 percent, with even lower percentages of farmers and rural dwellers covered against climate-based risks and shocks.

Pilot objectives

  • Business development: Support Pula’s business development in new markets and support existing business renewals in current markets.
  • Feasibility analysis: Lead the analysis of the potential for agriculture insurance in certain areas or regions, including how insurance can be distributed effectively.
  • Product launch: Support Pula’s insurance operations and innovations team in developing and launching a new product.
  • Impact assessment: Undertake a new analytical project on the impact of agricultural insur-ance on beneficiaries and other stakeholders in the insurance value chain.

Pilot activities

  • Partnership formation: Promote Pula’s area yield index insurance product to new and existing partners, with the aim of developing new business.
  • New channel development: Support the development and implementation of Pula’s new pay-at-harvest approach in Francophone West Africa.
  • Market research: Carry out insurance landscape analysis in new markets, as part of projects with paying clients.
  • Product design: Use the results from partnership development and feasibility studies to give feedback for product design.
  • Project management: Manage research, consulting, and multi-team projects from formation to completion.
  • Content management: Contribute to Pula’s communication activities, including writing blogs and briefing notes.
  • Capacity building: Support capacity-building activities, for example during product launches.

Learning agenda

  • How much training do farmers need to understand and purchase insurance?
  • How should Pula engage with regulators and insurers in target markets to develop and launch insurance products?
  • How likely will pay-at-harvest lead farmers to pay for insurance?
  • How should insurance products be designed or modified to improve uptake among female farmers?