Policy Outcome 10: Strong and representative employers' and workers' organizations

Policy | 07 June 2017
Employers' organizations and business membership organizations (BMOs)
  • Increased representation and financial sustainability so that these organizations can be the effective voice for the private sector;
  • Improved governance and management structures and membership management in response to changing policy environments;
  • Improved mix of high-quality and relevant services that better respond to membership needs;
  • Strengthened analytical capacity for evidence-based policy advocacy in order to promote a conducive business environment and contribute to national economic and social development; and
  • Enhanced capacity to provide leadership for the business community on economic, social and environmental issues and to participate effectively in social dialogue.
Workers' organizations
Strengthened capacity of workers’organizations to:
  • organize new members and develop well-functioning organizations that respond to their members' needs;
  • influence policy agendas on workers' rights and working conditions; and
  • promote and use international labour standards at all levels to uphold workers' rights and promote decent work as a key driver of sustainable development.
10 Strong and representative employers' and workers' organizations

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