Tools and Services

This section is based on a typology compilation of ILO publications, tools and services prepared by the Policy Department. It is reorganised to match the 24 thematic areas and provides appropriate ILO research papers, instructional material, publications, project documentation, ILO-ITC online courses, toolkits, etc.


  1. Web page

    Course: (Turin) Communicating freedom of association and collective bargaining rights

    08 August 2017

  2. Web page

    Guide: Governance of Social Security Systems-A Guide for Board Members in Africa, 2010

    08 August 2017

    This guide is part of the ILO QUATRAIN AFRICA project which has the objective of improving training in quantitative social security techniques in Africa. Without prescribing precise rules for coping with particular issues, guidance for social security board members in general and on a range of specific issues is provided.

  3. Web page

    Course: (Turin) Training workshop on financing skills development

    08 August 2017

  4. Web page

    Course: (Turin) Unchaining rural supply chains: global trends and local innovations

    08 August 2017

  5. Web page

    Course: (E-learning) Distance training in best practices in ILS reporting

    08 August 2017

  6. Web page

    Course: (Turin, E-learning) Decent work and sustainable development

    08 August 2017

  7. Web page

    ILO Global Business and Disability Network

    08 August 2017

  8. Web page

    Training package: Building effective employers’ organizations

    08 August 2017

  9. Web page

    Toolkit: Mobile Engagement with Members – A Toolkit for BMOs

    08 August 2017

  10. Web page

    Guide: Promoting the integration of migration domestic workers in Europe (training modules)

    08 August 2017