Wage employment of persons with disabilities

Due to a multitude of barriers, wage employment of persons with disabilities in the private and public sector continues to be rather exceptional.

Breaking down the barriers to salaried employment requires a comprehensive approach, making use of a wide range of measures. Key among them are collaborating with companies to create more inclusive workplaces, developing the vocational skills of people with disabilities, bringing disabled job seekers and hiring employers together as well as promoting a conducive policy and legal environment for the wage employment of persons with disabilities.

Developing inclusivity of employers

  1. Both companies and public sector entities can benefit from employing people with disabilities if their workplaces are inclusive.

Increasing employability of persons with disabilities

  1. Vocational training that is inclusive of persons with disabilities is an effective way to increase the opportunities of disabled jobseekers in the labour market.

Creating links between persons with disabilities and employers

  1. To support employers in finding the right job candidates with disabilities and disabled job seekers in identifying a suitable workplace, employment placement services are essential.

Fostering an enabling environment for wage employment

  1. There are a range of supporting factors in wider policy and legislation that can promote equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities.