The latest news on how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the world of work and the responses of governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations.

December 2022

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    ILO’s In Business equips Nestle workers with critical soft skills

    30 December 2022

    In 2021, the ILO together with the Employers Confederation of the Philippines introduced the In Business Programme to train women workers in the manufacturing sector. At Nestle Philippines, over 350 women were trained on critical soft skills needed in the workplace.

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    ILO’s In Business equips Microtel hotel workers with soft skills

    30 December 2022

    In 2021, the ILO together with the Employers Confederation of the Philippines introduced the In Business Programme to the Philippine Hotel Owners Association to train women workers in the hotel industry. At Microtel Philippines, over 160 women were trained on critical soft skills needed in the workplace, such as critical thinking and creative thinking, which helped them find new ways of doing work during the pandemic.

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    Protection of Indonesian migrant workers should be included in the upcoming national development plan

    27 December 2022

    The ILO’s Ship to Shore Rights South-East Asia Programme supports the two-day public dialogues to improve services and protection of Indonesian migrant workers. including Indonesian migrant fishers.

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    Jordan launches first ILO SCORE Training programme in the Middle East

    21 December 2022

    The training is set to improve SMEs’ productivity and working conditions in the agri-food sector in the country.

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    ILO and DTI accelerate digital entrepreneurship trainings for 2023

    05 December 2022

    The ILO and DTI will accelerate digital entrepreneurship training for increased productivity, improved safety of small and informal enterprises across the Philippines under the Bringing Back Jobs Safely Project funded by the Government of Japan.

November 2022

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    Global Wage Report

    Rising inflation brings striking fall in real wages, ILO report finds

    30 November 2022

    Well-designed policy measures are needed urgently to prevent the deepening of existing levels of poverty, inequality and social unrest, according to the latest ILO report on global wages.

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    Launch of the ILO Report on Care at Work:

    Greater investment in care services could create more than 10 million jobs in Indonesia

    29 November 2022

    The ILO launches its new report on care at work, highlighting the benefits of investing in care services and policies to alleviate poverty, encourage gender equality and support care for children and the elderly in Indonesia.

  3. APESO 2022

    Jobs in Asia and the Pacific record modest recovery while future growth prospects remain challenging

    28 November 2022

    Region’s labour market yet to get back on pre-crisis track while clear need exists to drive decent work in sectors employing the majority of workers.

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    Media Advisory

    ILO to release latest Global Wage Report on the impact of rising inflation on wages

    22 November 2022

    The International Labour Organization will publish the latest edition of the Global Wage Report on Wednesday 30 November 2022.

  5. Our impact, their voices

    Upskilling women migrant workers for the future of work

    21 November 2022

    Evelyn spent almost half of her life as a migrant domestic worker. Thanks to a training scholarship, Evelyn acquired digital skills, secured a decent job locally and fulfilled her longing to be with her family.

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    ILO rolls out new technologies to expand social security coverage in Jordan

    13 November 2022

    The ILO and the Social Security Corporation launched a WhatsApp chatbot to expand social security coverage and raise awareness of its benefits and programmes among the country’s vulnerable workers.

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    Entrepreneur turns problems into profit

    07 November 2022

    When COVID-19 hit, Merima Kukić Gego’s future looked bleak. Her traineeship had ended and her options in rural Bosnia and Herzegovina looked like unemployment or migration. But instead she found the drive to start a food and tourism business, employing and economically empowering other local women.

  8. Video

    How did the ILO perform during the COVID-19 pandemic?

    03 November 2022

    This comprehensive evaluation of the ILO’s response in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic does not only show how the organization performed during the crisis but also provides the only full and objective account of this chapter in ILO’s history. The independent, high-level, evaluation documents what worked well and where challenges were faced both at the institutional and substantive response level. As such it provides analysis that will be critical to ensuring that the ILO is well positioned to meet challenges posed by future crises.

October 2022

  1. Our impact, their voices

    Employing digital strategies to honour, care and respect the elderly

    31 October 2022

    As the co-owner, Olivia Quah is committed to ensuring elders can live life to the fullest through her medical service e-commerce platform. Always on the lookout for opportunities to pursue new digital marketing strategies, Olivia participated in a programme delivered under the ILO’s Rebuilding Better project which inspired her to transform her business website.

  2. Our impact, their voices

    Glass half-full: Social entrepreneur embodies optimism & hope through COVID-19

    31 October 2022

    Susan Zamora Olarte is the co-owner of Vino Arsan Enterprises, a small agribusiness producing local wine in the Philippines. Determined to take her 100% Filipino handcrafted wines and spirits to the next level, Susan is promoting the livelihood of local farmers and pushing the market towards environmental sustainability in the post-pandemic, ‘new normal”.