1. Amendment: Agreement between the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of the Slovak Republic concerning the employment of workers to improve their professional and linguistic skills (Guest-Worker Agreement)

    05 June 2001

  2. Agreement between Spain and Colombia on management and regulation of workers migratory flows.

    21 May 2001


  1. Agreement between Ecuador and Colombia on Permanent Immigration Status

    24 August 2000

  2. ILO labour force participation rates for 10-14 years old versus UNESCO school enrolment ratios

    01 June 2000

    The purpose of this article is to evaluate the ILO data in relation to the UNSECO data on school enrolment for 44 countries for the year 1990. An earlier evaluation based on Child Labour Surveys in 6 countries (Cambodia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, and Turkey) showed suprisingly that except for one country (Philippines) the ILO labour force participation rates for the age group 10-14 years tended to be higher than the corresponding rates obtained from specialised national child labour surveys.

  3. Action against child labour

    28 February 2000

    Based primarily on ILO experience, particularly its International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC), addresses the strategies, instruments, methodologies and information necessary to plan and carry out effective action to eliminate child labour.


  1. IPEC Action Against Child Labour: Achievements, lessons learned and indicaitons for the future (1998-1999)

    01 October 1999

    Summarizes the activities of the ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) in 1998-1999 and its impact on children, parents and communities. Analyses action at the national level and provides examples of initiatives in several developing countries. Describes IPEC’s contribution towards the worldwide movement against child labour, future IPEC strategies, and the management and coordination of IPEC.

  2. In the twilight zone: Child workers in the hotel, tourism and catering industry

    24 June 1999

    Based on research conducted in resorts and cities which receive large numbers of foreign visitors.

  3. Migration Agreement between the Republic of Argentina and Ukraine

    29 April 1999


  1. Agreement on migration between the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Peru

    12 August 1998

  2. Child labour. Targeting the intolerable. Report 86 VI (1)

    25 June 1998

    International Labour Conference, 86th Session, 1998. Report VI, Part 1. Drawing on the experience of the ILO, including its International Programme for the Elimination of Child Labour, this report surveys international and national law and practice and points the way towards effective action through new international standards. Includes a list of ratifications by country of relevant ILO Conventions on minimum age and forced labour (as at 15 August 1996).