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Digital toolkit for quality apprenticeships

The ILO Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships is a resource to improve the design and implementation of apprenticeship systems and programmes. It provides a comprehensive but concise set of key information, guidance and practical tools for policy-makers and practitioners who are engaged in designing and implementing Quality Apprenticeships.

The ILO Toolkit for Quality Apprenticeships consists of two volumes: Volume 1: Guide for Policy Makers (Toolkit 1); and Volume 2: Guide for Practitioners (Toolkit 2 – this volume). The two volumes are linked to each other with the first volume providing guidance to policy-makers establishing or improving the policy framework and systems through the six building blocks for quality apprenticeships (figure A). The second volume, based on the six building blocks, guides practitioners in developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating apprenticeship programmes. Both volumes provide comprehensive but concise information, guidance and examples of good practices and practical tools.

The two volumes of the ILO Toolkit deal with two different levels of the design and implementation of apprenticeships:
  • The system level, addressed in Toolkit 1, concerns the design of an apprenticeship system and regulatory framework (usually nationally determined). It designates the place of apprenticeships within the education and training system, governance and social dialogue arrangements at national and regional levels, the law governing apprenticeships, funding arrangements and other policies related to apprenticeships.
  • The programme level, addressed in Toolkit 2, refers to the processes and practices involved in developing and delivering apprenticeship programmes for particular occupations through high quality on- and off-the-job training. Additionally, it covers the monitoring and evaluation of apprenticeship programmes.