Maternity Protection Resource Package

The Maternity Protection Resource Package provides guidance and tools to strengthen and extend maternity protection to all women in all types of economic activity.

The Package is available on : 
in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian (forthcoming).

It can be used as a reference for self-learning, training, policy advice, research and action by governments, trade unions, employers' organizations, ILO and UN officials, NGOs, researchers and practitioners. Numerous examples of actions are highlighted. The key message is that maternity protection at work for all is both possible and desirable, as it contributes to maternal and child health and well-being, social cohesion and Decent Work for all women and men.

The package is a joint collaboration between the ILO Conditions of Work and Employment Branch (TRAVAIL), the Bureau for Gender Equality (GENDER), ILO-Beijing, ILO-Moscow and the ILO International Training Centre, in partnership with the WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women and IBFAN-GIFA.