Opportunities for extending social security coverage in Jordan

The report aims to support Jordanian policymakers in the extension of social security to informal workers. It formulates typologies for informal workers outside the social security system, analyses the main constraints to coverage and outlines a range of policy approaches for the extension of coverage.

The Jordanian government has been working to expand social security coverage of its workforce. In the context of the National Social Protection Strategy, the Cabinet has committed to developing an action plan to reduce informal employment (including employment relationships that are not subject to national labour legislation, not covered by social security or for which there is no contract), and the Social Security Corporation has committed to operationalizing mechanisms to expand social security coverage.
Successful achievement of its goal, fiscally and politically, will require tailoring policy action to the unique characteristics of the Jordanian situation, which is distinct in many ways from the global norm.
This report aims to support Jordanian policymakers by analysing the main constraints to social security coverage and outlining a range of policy actions that can address those constraints.