ILO PROSPECTS in Egypt trains 171 potential enterprise development trainers from NGOs

In the framework of the PROSPECTS programme, the ILO in Egypt rolled-out nine Training of Trainer (ToT) workshops over two months and trained 171 NGO professionals on enterprise development. The aim is to support the eventual integration of refugees and host communities into the labour market.

ILO PROSPECTS in Egypt rolled-out nine ToT workshops on several business development service programmes. Start and Improve Your Business, SIYB, is one of the largest global business management training programmes that helps small-scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. Gender and Entrepreneurship Together – GET Ahead helps promote enterprise development among women in poverty who want to start or are already engaged in small-scale businesses. And finally on Financial Education designed to equip trainers with knowledge and skills on financial knowledge and management to offer training to vulnerable groups. The trainings were rolled out from October to December 2020 in the governorates of Cairo and Alexandria, and included participants from NGOs operating in the governorate of Damietta.

The roll-out targeted NGO professionals and trainers who work with refugees and host communities in all three governorates, alongside a number of individuals from refugee communities. Overall, 171 participants from Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Sudan were involved and have begun their journey to become accredited trainers, in order to be able to train beneficiaries from the targeted communities and establish a link between communities. In that respect, the activity is designed to ensure a more sustainable impact.

Once they receive their certificates, these trainers will be able to start training potential entrepreneurs from refugee and host communities who want to start a small business, enabling them to become agents of change.

The ToT programme is part of the aim of PROSPECTS to develop the capacities of potential partners under the “employment with dignity” component, particularly those from NGOs who work with refugees. The results of the programme will support the partnership in achieving the goal of developing the skills of refugees and host communities and their subsequent integration into the Egyptian labour market.

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SYIB TOT in Cairo

Egypt: SIYB ToT in Cairo

Financial education TOT in Alexandria

Egypt: Financial Education ToT in Alexandria