National Tripartite Social Dialogue: An ILO guide for improved governance

This guide is part of the ILO’s effort to respond to the demand from ILO member States for technical support in the field of establishing or strengthening mechanisms for tripartite social dialogue at the policy level in line with international labour standards and good comparative practice

Constituents have asked the ILO for support to establish a framework within which member States can promote tripartite social dialogue at the national level. This guide is a response to this request.

It is meant to offer constituents a range of options when establishing a mechanism for national tripartite social dialogue or when reinforcing the existing system. However, the guide is not meant to be a normative document. It draws on the stipulations of international labour standards and on the lessons learned and experience gained by the ILO over the years in promoting social dialogue and providing policy advice, capacity building and practical guidance to tripartite constituents in all regions of the world.