Flagship programmes

The ILO’s Flagship Programmes make the best use of resources and provide effective, efficient and sustainable services to member States. Firmly rooted in a rights-based approach and focused on advancing the Decent Work Agenda through the promotion of international labour standards, the ILO’s Flagship Programmes have a greater impact through larger scale activities and build capacity more efficiently through economies of scale.

Flagship programmes

  1. International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour and Forced Labour (IPEC+)

    In line with Sustainable Development Target 8.7, IPEC+ focuses on the elimination of child labour in all its forms by 2025 and the eradication of forced labour, modern slavery and human trafficking by 2030.

  1. Safety + Health for All

    Safe and healthy work is the right of all workers and a foundation of sustainable development. Safety + health for All adopts a focused approach to reduce the incidence of work-related deaths, injuries & diseases.

  1. Jobs for Peace and Resilience

    Jobs for Peace and Resilience is an employment generation programme for conflict-affected and disaster prone countries, where decent work for women and men, who are vulnerable to social and political instability, could contribute to peace building, national reconciliation and social cohesion.

  1. Social Protection Floors for All

    Social Protection Floors for All fosters and supports the design and implementation of social protection systems, with a final goal of making social protection floors (SPFs) a reality for all people.

  1. Better Work

    Better Work aims to lift millions out of poverty by providing decent work, empowering women, driving business competitiveness and promoting inclusive economic growth.