The procedure before the JAAB is formal and confidential. It is governed by the provisions of Annex IV to the Staff Regulations.

Type of grievances

The different ways available to staff to settle a dispute formally are the following:
  1. General grievances
  2. Harassment grievances
  3. Special grievances
A grievance will be deemed to be a general grievance if it is neither a harassment grievance, nor a special grievance.

Submission of grievance

Any official filing a grievance before the JAAB is usually referred to as an “appellant".

Grievances must be submitted to the JAAB Secretariat either hand-delivered, or sent by post or internal mail, preferably in a sealed envelope. It is also possible to send a scanned copy of it by email to

Officials are required to use a form to file an appeal duly dated and signed, along with any document that is directly relevant to the case, clear and concise, and in a format that is legible and easy to understand. The form to file an appeal is available in the three ILO working languages, thereinafter :

Examination of grievance

Each grievance is examined by a panel composed of a chairperson and two members, one from each group.

The chairpersons and members of the JAAB shall be independent in the exercise of their functions.