Events and news

November 2015

  1. Cooperation to combat IUU fishing, fisheries crime and fisheries related crimes, and to promote sustainable fisheries governance

    25 November 2015

    A joint statement by the two Fisheries ministers of Norway and Indonesia recognizes the importance of UNODC, INTERPOL and ILO in the fight against Fisheries Crimes.

  2. Expert workshop "Measuring Modern Slavery" - Third Meeting

    This meeting is planned as a follow up of the first two meetings in April and September 2015 in the framework of the work on the SDGs indicators. Its objective is to work on the operational definition and measurement framework of forced labour of children and to continue the work on sampling design and short prevalence surveys for national level

  3. International Conference on Labour Exploitation in the Fishing Sector in the Atlantic Region

    The International Labour Organization (ILO), in collaboration with the Norwegian National Advisory Group against Organised Fisheries Crime and IUU-Fishing (FFA) is organizing an international expert meeting on labour exploitation in the fishing sector in the Atlantic region.

September 2015

  1. Collective bargaining and social dialogue highlighted in workshop as vital tools to ensure good industrial relations in MENA region

    03 September 2015

    The ILO brings together employer and union representatives from the MENA region to explore successful collective bargaining and bipartite social dialogue structures and practices in selected sectors.

August 2015

  1. Expert workshop "Measuring Modern Slavery" - Second Meeting

    This meeting is a follow up of the first meeting in April 2015, and its objective is to sharing survey instruments already used and the measurement framework used to measure forced labour.