News and Press releases

February 2024

  1. Kenyan Judges Trained on the International Labour Standards

    12 February 2024

    Kenyan judges were trained in International Labour Standards by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO), and the ILO Labour Law and Reform Unit (LABOURLAW), collaborating with the Kenya Judiciary Academy (KJA).

  2. ILO empowers microfinance staff to promote financial literacy among hosts and refugees

    12 February 2024

    The cadre of trainers trained on ILO's renowned financial education curriculum will strengthen the capacity of financial service providers to educate hosts and refugees and improve their access to financial services.

  3. ILO forges alliance to unlock opportunities through digital innovation in Kenya

    08 February 2024

    The ILO PROSPECTS programme facilitated an agreement between Learning Lions and Humans in the Loop, creating pathways for young people from host and refugee communities in Kenya to access opportunities in the digital economy.

  4. Towards Safer Migration: The Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) Agreement Signing and Motorbike Handover in South Sudan

    07 February 2024

    Enhancing the protection of migrant workers by improving access to information and support services throughout the migration cycle and promoting safe, regular and orderly labour migration.

  5. ILO and Shabelle Bank pilot innovative product for financial inclusion of hosts and forcibly displaced in Ethiopia

    06 February 2024

  6. ILO drives the inclusion of hosts and refugees in Ethiopia's digital economy

    02 February 2024

    The agreements signed between International Labour Organization and Ethiopian government authorities will promote employment and policy solutions for inclusion of hosts and refugees in country's expanding digital economy.

  7. ILO Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa on official visit to The United Republic of Tanzania

    01 February 2024

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa is expected to visit the United Republic of Tanzania from Wednesday 6 February to Friday 9 February 2024.

January 2024

  1. Persons with disabilities in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions and the workplace: A situational analysis

    31 January 2024

    Since 2021, the ILO and UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa has been implementing a joint project aimed at ‘reasonable accommodation' for persons with disabilities in TVET institutions and workplaces. Among several interventions, a situational analysis was conducted in Zimbabwe to assess the extent of marginalization and discrimination of persons with disabilities in these two spaces.

  2. Interregional Knowledge and Experience Sharing Forum on Labour, Employment and Labour Migration Concluded

    31 January 2024

    Forum aims at promoting South to South Cooperation and foster inter-regional coordination, on thematic areas of labour migration and child labour.

  3. MRC Implementation Agreement Signing and Motorbike's Handover Ceremony

    31 January 2024

    The ILO, through the BRMM programme, is collaborating with the Government of South Sudan to establish the first MRC in Juba, aiming to provide accurate information and timely support to potential migrants, returnees, and their families, fostering informed decision-making.