Events and meetings

Events and meetings

  1. Human security and emergency jobs for peace and resilience

    22 August 2022

    Experiences through partnership between Japan and the ILO for the promotion of decent work agenda in the context of fragility

  2. Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects Course

    22 August - 25 November 2022

    The Financial Modelling for Renewable Energy Projects course will give you the skills to develop and analyse financial models for renewable projects.

  3. Extension of Social Security to Informal Sector workers, Self Employed and Atypical Workers Consultative Workshop

    10 - 11 August 2022

    ILO Collaboration with WIEGO, UNWOMEN and DSD

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    Launch of the report "Decent work deficits among rural workers"

    7 July 2022

    This webinar is bringing together senior trade union leaders, workers and allies, ILO leadership, researchers, and academicians to discuss about challenges, opportunities and strategies to address the decent work deficits in the rural economy.

  5. Job fairs in Kenya provide information on safe migration

    26 - 28 June 2022

    The FAIRWAY Programme contributed support to Kenya’s Ministry of Labour and the National Employment Authority (NEA) to conduct a job fair in Mombasa (26 -28 June 2022) to provide information on safe and regular migration, including to the Middle East, with several more fairs planned in other regions in Kenya.

  6. Global Child Labour Conference agrees Durban Call to Action to end child labour

    15 - 20 May 2022

    The ‘Durban Call to Action’ includes strong commitments on action against child labour while raising concerns that existing progress has slowed and is now threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, armed conflict, as well as food, environmental and humanitarian crises.

  7. Discussion and launch of the report “The Next Normal: The Changing Workplace in Africa"

    12 May 2022

  8. Informal Economy in Africa: Which Way Forward? Making Policy Responsive, Inclusive and Sustainable

    10 - 11 May 2022

    Nearly 83% of employment in Africa and 85% in Sub-Saharan Africa is informal, absorbing many of the continent’s young employment seekers. In the past, policy narratives in Africa tended to either neglect informal economies or even viewed them as potentially threatening to formal economies – therefore needing elimination and control rather than support and investment for inclusive structural economic transformation.

  9. Launch of the Training Manual for workers’ organizations on Dealing with crisis arising from conflicts and disasters

    6 April 2022

    This panel discussion will provide an opportunity to highlight the importance of social dialogue in matters related to conflicts and disasters by insisting on the role of the ILO, its social partners, and International Labour Standards in crisis situations. It will focus on the key role that workers’ organizations have in this important field.

  10. National Institute of Social Action convenes second National Planning Meeting with ILO support

    5 - 7 April 2022

    With the support of ILO through the Joint United Nations Programme on Social Protection 2022-2023 (funded by the Embassies of Sweden and Finland), the National Institute for Social Action (INAS) is organizing the second edition of its National Planning Meeting, which is taking place in the district of Boane from 5 to 7 April 2022.