Africa Labour Migration Conference

The ILO and the African Union Commission, in collaboration with IOE and ITUC Africa held the African Countries Labour Migration Conference in October in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The Dialogue among African countries focussed on fostering cooperation and consensus building on labour migration governance and the protection of African migrant workers. SDC through the FAIRWAY project was a key funder for the conference

The rationale for the conference was the recognized need to implement appropriate policy and practical actions using a regional approach to address the common challenges faced by African migrant workers.  The conference built on previous and ongoing bilateral and multilateral dialogues and offered a platform for African members states, regional communities, and social partner organizations to do the following:
  1. Share knowledge on key thematic areas, with a focus on showcasing emerging good practices with the aim to enact common positions on critical governance and rights issues, creating solidarity and a level playing field among MS, REC, and partners.
  2. Reconfirm member states and RECs commitment to fulfil their engagement to implement the instruments (Conventions, policies, protocols) endorsed at various platforms to protect the rights of migrant workers from Africa.
  3. Identify opportunities for cooperation on labour mobility and migration, and the protection of migrant workers and discuss models for multilateral dialogue frameworks to strengthen Africa’s position in negotiations of migration agreements. With the assumption that when groups of countries agree to move forward together on topic of common interest, progress can happen faster. 
  4. Agree on a joint communication (Call to action/communiqué) as a product of the event to reinforce the message of commitment, action, and results to change the narrative of African migration journeys into success stories. 
  5. Identify area of partnership (bilateral, multilateral) to be supported by ILO, and AU, including building on and scaling up existing partnerships.