ILO Law Growth Nexus III Project (Matatu Sector) in Kenya

In Kenya Road Transportation accounts for over 70% of the country’s passenger and freight traffic, that sees millions of people and goods move every day. The public service vehicle industry is consequently a vital sector of the national economy. It is with this in mind and the potential inherent in the sector that the International Labour Organization with support from the Norwegian Agency for development Cooperation launched the Law Growth Nexus project to promote increased knowledge and compliance of labour laws in the public transport business and to create more and better jobs.

Date issued: 21 August 2016 |
The immediate objectives of the projects are to nurture respect for the rule of (labour) law among MSME in priority sectors, to strengthen the capacity of ILO constituents to engage in social dialogue on the nexus between labour law compliance and MSME development and finally to facilitate sector-specific regulatory reform, and to strengthen the capacity of MSME to comply with the revised labour law.