Africa's Agenda 2063

African Union Agenda 2063

Aspiration 1. A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth and sustainable development.

Goal 1: A High Standard of Living, Quality of Life and Well Being for All. Indicative National Strategies.
  • 5. Implement AU frameworks on Labour Migration Governance for Development and Integration and Public-Private Partnership for Jobs Creation and Inclusive Development;
  • 6. Develop/implement policies that will enhance free movement of people and workers;
  • 7. Initiate policies that would lead to a better and more responsible labor migration flows.
Aspiration 2. An integrated continent, politically united and based on the ideals of Pan Africanism and vision of Africa’s Renaissance
Goal 8: United Africa (Federal or Confederate) Indicative National Strategies.
  • 1. Domesticate all protocols leading to free movement of persons within the REC
  • 2. Domesticate all the ILO Conventions on Labour Migration as appropriate to each Member State
  • 3. Review all labour bilateral agreements with other member states and non-member states
  • 13. Develop capacity to manage the flow of cross border migration with attention to the concerns of Women, Youth and vulnerable groups
Continental/RECs Strategies
  • 1. Develop / implement advocacy strategies / programmes for ratification by member states;
  • 4. Develop/implement regional frameworks that enhances access at points entry to Women involved in cross-border trade.
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