The 2004 International Labour Conference’s Resolution and Conclusions concerning a Fair Deal for Migrant Workers in a Global Economy and its follow-up Plan of Action

A fair deal for all migrant workers requires a rights-based approach, in accordance with existing international labour standards and ILO principles, which recognizes labour market needs and the sovereign right of all nations to determine their own migration policies, including determining entry into their territory and under which conditions migrants may remain.

The ILC recognized in 2004 that there are beneficial elements of labour migration such as non-inflationary economic expansion, job creation, growth and cross-fertilization of skills, technology exchange, rejuvenation of populations and stimulation of development through remittance flows. However, migrant workers continue to face undue hardship and abuse, and the number of migrants in irregular situations is rising. The following Plan of Action included:
  • development of a non-binding multilateral framework for a rightsbased approach to labour migration;
  • identification of relevant action to be taken for a wider application of international labour standards and other relevant instruments;
  • support for implementation of the ILO Global Employment Agenda at national level;
  • capacity building, awareness raising and technical assistance;
  • strengthening social dialogue;
  • improving the information and knowledge base on global trends in labour migration, conditions of migrant workers, and effective measures to protect their rights;
  • mechanisms to ensure ILO Governing Body follow-up of the plan of action and ILO participation in relevant international initiatives concerning migration.