Resources on Labour migration in Africa

January 2024

  1. National Stakeholders Supported towards Improving Recruitment Landscape in Nigeria

    09 January 2024

    Towards improving the implementation of ILO’s Fair Recruitment Initiative, stakeholders converged to strategize on application of best practices in Nigeria.

December 2023

  1. From Challenges to Opportunities: Entrepreneurship Training for Kenya's Returned Migrant Workers

    12 December 2023

    Reinforcing the entrepreneurial and business management skills of 660 vulnerable returned migrants in Nairobi and Mombasa cities.

  2. Unveiling Trends, Practices, and Opportunities in Skills Development Across Southern, East, and Horn of Africa

    09 December 2023

    Addressing the need for more reliable information on the skills dimensions of labour migration by establishing an information hub within the Knowledge Sharing Portal on Skills and Labour Migration (ASPYEE) platform.

  3. Tracking Progress: FCDO Review of BRMM Interventions in Kenya

    A high-level monitoring visit on the ongoing ILO Better Regional Migration Management (BRMM) Program interventions in Kenya (Nairobi and Mombasa)

  4. Priorities and Plans for Returnee Migrant Workers in Kenya

    06 December 2023

    Identifying priority sectors, addressing challenges, and establishing key action points to support returnee migrant workers in Kenya.

  5. Strategic Collaboration for Labour Migration

    04 December 2023

    Enhancing coordination and collaboration among members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) and the National Labour, Employment, and Social Security Council (CONTESS) in Djibouti to promote decent work and effective management of labour migration.

November 2023

  1. FAIRWAY Migrant Resource Center Symposium

    The International Labour Organization (ILO), through the FAIRWAY programme convened a symposium on Migrant Resource Centres (MRCs) that brought together participants from three African countries of origin: Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria. The central theme of the symposium revolved around enhancing the effectiveness of MRCs in providing access to information and essential services for both potential and in-service migrant workers, as well as the families they leave behind.

  2. Africa Labour Migration Conference

    The ILO and the African Union Commission, in collaboration with IOE and ITUC Africa held the African Countries Labour Migration Conference in October in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire. The Dialogue among African countries focussed on fostering cooperation and consensus building on labour migration governance and the protection of African migrant workers. SDC through the FAIRWAY project was a key funder for the conference

  3. Highlights from Nairobi's Labour Migration Breakfast Session

    26 November 2023

    Operationalizing the National Steering Committee and the Technical Coordinating Committee on the implementation of the Global Labour Market Strategy on Labour Migration.

  4. The Technical Working Group in South Sudan Charts Path Forward for Effective Labour Migration Governance

    09 November 2023

    A platform for stakeholders from various sectors to share updates, discuss challenges, and strategies on the way forward for effective labour migration governance in South Sudan.