Resources on Labour migration in Africa

April 2024

  1. ILO is committed to Decent Work amid conflicts in Sudan

    16 April 2024

    On the first anniversary of the war in Sudan, ILO stands in solidarity with the people of the country as they face danger, displacement, job losses, and economic decline.

  2. Uganda Labour Migration Information System (LMIS) Capacity Building Workshop Drives Effective Implementation

    01 April 2024

    The workshop aimed to enhance the capacity of government officials and collaborating institutions in effectively implementing the Labour Migration Information System (LMIS).

March 2024

  1. From Migrant Worker to Restaurant Owner: Bigeni Maina’s Journey to Success

    29 March 2024

    "I would like to grow my business to the point where it not only meets but surpasses the financial requirements of my family, ensuring stability and security for us all," says Bigeni.

  2. Strength in Struggle: Muluken Gebrewold’s Resilient Journey to Economic Independence

    29 March 2024

    “If every returnee took the SIYB training delivered by the ILO BRMM Programme before they migrated, we all would’ve reached immense success in life by now.”

  3. Turning Adversity into Opportunity: Seleshi Shegaw's Journey to Entrepreneurial Success

    29 March 2024

    “During my journey to Bosaso, I endured seven days without a meal and two days without water. On the second day, I encountered a stagnant pond and, despite the risk, I drank from it in desperation to survive.”

  4. Turning adversity into opportunity: A migrant returnee’s entrepreneurial success

    29 March 2024

    Seleshi’s aspirations reflect his resilience and determination to transform his circumstances and build a better future for himself and his family through entrepreneurship.

  5. Return and reintegration in Uganda: Lessons from the FAIRWAY programme

    20 March 2024

  6. Collaborative Pathways for Labour Migration Governance in East and Horn of Africa

    14 March 2024

    "Strengthening the Common Approach on BLMA and Skills Development Among Labour Migration Advisory Group (LMAG) in East and Horn of Africa."

  7. Shaping Somalia's Labour Migration through the Development of Regulation for Private Employment Agencies

    01 March 2024

    Discussing the challenges facing PrEAs, gathering input for the development of regulations, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

February 2024

  1. Strengthening the Common Approach on BLMA and Skills Development among LMAG in EHoA